The Haygoods Celebrate 30 Years of Entertainment in Branson, MO!

It was back in 1993 when a bunch of fiddling kids living in the backwoods of the Ozark Mountains got a 2 week contract to perform on the gazebo stage at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri!


That temporary 2 week contract turned into an epic 30-year run of shows! Over the last 30 years The Haygoods have sold over 6,500,000 tickets, performed over 7,000 shows and sold out more than 2,000 performances!



The Haygoods show is the most popular 1st generation show at the box office in the entire history of Branson, Missouri, and it all started with a crazy dream to entertain on the big stage in Branson!



The Haygoods are planning a very special show for 2022 to celebrate 3 decades of entertainment in Branson and are incredibly grateful to the fans and friends that have supported them through the years. Trust me, these guys are just getting warmed up!