First Halloween, then a Haygood Family Christmas

We trick-or-treated, the clock struck midnight and now it’s Christmas time!!

25th Anniversary Haygoods Christmas Show

It’s feeling like the perfect fall outside in the Ozarks! We know what that means…we’re neck deep in late night Christmas rehearsals! And more than that….Christmas starts soon! Thursday, November 2nd is our opening 25th Anniversary Christmas Celebration show…and we want YOU there! 

Enjoy Autumn in the Ozarks

We are experiencing a record breaking fall in Branson this year! Not just with sell-out crowds at The ‘Goods, but with unseasonably warm temperatures and sunshine, making it all that much easier to hold onto summer a little longer and enjoy the amazing colors and fun the Ozarks have to offer in the autumn!

What Audience Members Are Saying About The Haygoods

We all know know those Haygood kids are full of adventure, talent and fun off stage with their hiking, fishing, skydiving and music recording … but what are fans saying after leaving one of their sold-out show on the Branson 76-Hwy strip?!

The Haygoods Release “The Lucky Ones” Album

Are you ready to hear The Haygoods like you’ve never heard them before? Are you ready for all original music written, recorded and close to the heart of your favorite Branson musicians? Then buckle up and catch our BRAND NEW album, The Lucky Ones!

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