What Audience Members Are Saying About The Haygoods

We all know know those Haygood kids are full of adventure, talent and fun off stage with their hiking, fishing, skydiving and music recording … but what are fans saying after leaving one of their sold-out show on the Branson 76-Hwy strip?!

Take a look…



“The physical reactions start with a chill up the spine, followed soon by tears trickling down the cheeks. What was causing such a reaction? The Haygoods were singing Leonard Cohen’s hauntingly beautiful anthem “Hallelujah” during their electrifying 25th Anniversary Show at the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson, Missouri.”



“We were in Branson in 1974 on our honeymoon and this is the first time we have returned in 43 yrs! My have things grown and changed; but for the better! Great show and well worth it!”



“I would give them 10 stars if I could. Going to Branson and not seeing The Haygoods is like going to New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty. They are so talented. There is something for everyone no matter what your age. I have been to see them 4 times and they will always be the 1st show I see when coming to Branson.”



“This show is awesome! The two hour show went by so fast it seemed like one hour!!. Every minute was another adventure!!”



“Saw them last night, watching last night’s video (yes, you can get copies of your show) and talking about when to go back. They are AWESOME!!!! Even Dominic with a busted knee in a chair ROCKED the place. We will be back and often!”



“What a great show! Those Haygood kids are talented and you can sure tell they love what they do! Easily one of the best shows in Branson.”



“We saw several shows in Branson this trip but The Haygoods were by far the BEST! It was so good we went back to see it again and got front row seats! Our family loves the Haygoods!!”



“Without a doubt, this is the best show in Branson, regardless of how old you are. Not only is it fresh, original and full of energy, but every year they come up with a new and greatly improved show. Every time I see the show, I tell myself that it doesn’t get any better than this and yet every year they prove me wrong. Unless you hate music, fun, amazing special effects, and feeling like we are living in a wonderful world, you should definitely see this show.”



You guys, we can’t even tell you how special this 25th Anniversary year has been for us! Thank YOU for all your love, support, encouragement and coming back to see us time and time again! We LOVE our fans and we give 128% EVERY show JUST for YOU!! Our fall shows are selling out super fast, call (417) 339-4663 or click now for tickets and come see us and be a part of our biggest year yet!