Haygoods Showcase Incredible Technology and Special Effects!

The Haygoods are known all over the Midwest for their energetic brand of entertainment, but a lot of folks dont know about the incredible technology showcased in the show!

Michael Haygood is the creator of many of the mindblowing special effects used in the show. He spends many hours researching the latest technology and then figuring out how to present it to audiences in an entertaining and family friendly way! Michael programs all of the lighting for the show as well. 2016 has many new innovations onstage including a full color laser show, an amazing LED robot suit, LED light up microphone stands, massive fire effects generators, Co2 instant fog generators, smoking banjos, coolers that you can ride on and drive, a camoflauge motorized lazy boy, and much more including light up harps and even acrylic guitars and fiddles that light up as well! Its an incredible experience for all ages and has to be seen to be believed! Call the box office for tickets quickly because shows sell out fast!!! 417-339-4663

Michaels LED robot suit!!

Timothy is dancin’ on lasers!

The Haygoods light up the stage!