Haygood Profile: Matthew Haygood

The best way to catch up with Matthew Haygood? Fly a drone and find his secret camping spot … but good luck with that; he knows places in the Ozark Mountains that nobody else does!

Celebrating the 4th of July in Branson

What better place to celebrate the brightest, loudest, most patriotic holiday than Branson?! Firework shows all week long, lots of food, family and fun! You know The Goods will be celebrating…come join us!

Michael’s Light Show Delights During Ferris Wheel’s Anniversary

It’s been a full year since the Branson skyline changed forever with the building of the Branson Ferris Wheel (formerly the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel)! 365 days of the red gondolas turning 150 feet in the sky giving visitors one of the best views of the Ozark and all the sights and sounds of the […]

A Video Sneak Peek of The Haygoods Show

Have YOU ever wondered exactly what it’s like to see a Haygood show?! Has one of your friends told you that you needed to go see this crazy talented group of siblings in Branson, MO … but you’re still just not sure that The Haygoods are for you?

Haygood Profile: Michael Haygood

If you’re looking for the king of adventures, imagination, hard work, and the only “bus-truck” driver in town … look no further than Michael Haygood. Climbing towers, lighting up the town, blowing things up (legally, of course!), playing guitar upside down, parachuting into parking lots and creating all the special effects the Haygood show is […]