A Video Sneak Peek of The Haygoods Show

Have YOU ever wondered exactly what it’s like to see a Haygood show?! Has one of your friends told you that you needed to go see this crazy talented group of siblings in Branson, MO … but you’re still just not sure that The Haygoods are for you?

Haygood Profile: Michael Haygood

If you’re looking for the king of adventures, imagination, hard work, and the only “bus-truck” driver in town … look no further than Michael Haygood. Climbing towers, lighting up the town, blowing things up (legally, of course!), playing guitar upside down, parachuting into parking lots and creating all the special effects the Haygood show is […]

Summer is Here and Branson is Rockin’!

Branson is absolutely the best place to visit in the summer, and the hot days and lazy summer nights are just getting started! Let us count just a few of the ways you can make this the BEST summer of all!

Haygood Profile: Shawn Haygood

One of the biggest surprises for the 25th anniversary of the Haygoods …. getting to welcome our brother Shawn back on stage with us! After taking a few years’ break, Shawn is back singing and dancing without missing a beat and brings a whole new energy to the stage. And those powerful 7-fold family harmonies can’t […]

Silver Dollar City’s New Festival of Wonder Excites!

You know we love telling Haygoods fans about all of the fun things to do in Branson, and we’re excited about 2017’s new Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City.