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Haygoods Hit 400 Sold Out Shows + New Show for 2021!

After an absolutely epic run of performances unmatched in the history of Branson, selling out over 400 shows in under 5 years, The Haygoods are taking it to the next level by rolling out BIG new show additions for 2021!

Haygoods Re-open With Amazing New Show Segments!

During the coronavirus shutdown, the Brothers and Catherine decided to get busy working on new show concepts.

Haygoods Create New Show for 2020!

After 28 Seasons, 7,500 shows and over 6,000,000 tickets sold, The Haygoods are back in the entertainment laboratory creating a new show for 2020!

“A show that really needs to be experienced in person to believe”

Don’t expect your boring and cliché rock band consisting of a guitar and bass, but instead get ready to marvel at the light-up cellos, harps, electric guitars, saxophones, and more.