Thank you for making plans to join us for The Haygoods 2023 New Years Eve Live Stream Event! You should receive an email in a few moments with the link to your livestream. You can also bookmark this page and access your link below.

SHOWTIME IS 8:30 PM CENTRAL, DECEMBER 31st and the event will run until 12:15 AM.

The livestream will begin at the time listed above.

PLEASE NOTE — This link is through In order to stream the link to your tv, you need to stream it through your computer or phone to your television via Apple TV or Chromecast etc… Please make sure you can stream the link through your computer or phone to your TV well before the livestream begins! You might also be able to stream it through a TV browser on some TV’s, but the best, most reliable high quality way is through your computer or phone to your TV. You could of course watch the show on your TV or Phone as well!

For questions just text us at 417-212-5560 and we will text you right back!