Add Silver Dollar City’s excitement to your next Branson trip!

Silver Dollar City is officially open for the year, and that means the 2018 season is officially underway! This is a HUGE year for Silver Dollar City, with the grand opening of their record breaking new roller coaster, Time Traveler!

Haygoods Kick off 26th Season in Branson

2018 is on fire at the Haygoods!! Kicking off our 26th season in Branson, we have a show full of fun, new, crazy, exciting surprises for you!

The Haygoods Coming to Dallas-Fort Worth Area April 20, 2018

Winter cabin fever is a REAL thing! And what’s the best cure?! Sun, warm weather and The Haygoods! We can’t 100% guarantee the sun … but we can guarantee that the weather will be warmer than in Branson … because for 1 night only, The Haygoods are coming to Texas!

Ring in 2018 at The ClayGoods New Years Eve Bash

What a wild and crazy Christmas weekend!! Two sold out shows in Branson plus a sold out show in St. Louis in between! Now we’re gearing up for one of our biggest shows of the year, New Years Eve!!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are part of The Haygoods Experience

How do YOU keep up with the Haygoods and their adventures?! We are on the move ALL the time, and the cool part is that we make it easy to keep up with us!! From Instagram, to Facebook to Twitter … YOU can watch our stunts and adventures! Take a peek at the fun!

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