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The Haygoods Facebook page is full of the latest craziness that we get into! From filming music videos at the Ferris Wheel, to crowd shots (don’t forget to tag yourself!), to links to our music and videos…this page is your #1 stop for the fun! And remember, look for yourself in the crowd selfies and share it with your family and friends to show them all the fun you had in Branson!



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Are you a part of the Twitter nation? So are @the_haygoods! We post links to all our videos, let you know when the newest releases are going to be, and give you a peak into our crazy lives in general!



And if you want the fastest way to find info on our show, our tickets, our upcoming events, our tour dates, or how to bring YOUR group to come see us, you can always come back and check out our website! (Duh, you’re clearly here already reading this!)

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