Haygood Profile: Matthew Haygood

The best way to catch up with Matthew Haygood? Fly a drone and find his secret camping spot … but good luck with that; he knows places in the Ozark Mountains that nobody else does!



Camping, hiking, kayaking, cooking over an open fire…that’s where you’re most likely to find Matthew when he’s not on stage.  He loves to travel, either inside the country or beyond. You’ll find him on mountain tops or the rivers, anywhere relaxing and soaking in the outdoors.




When he is on stage, Matthew keeps the siblings grounded behind the bass and on vocals. He’s pretty sure that Banjo Boy doesn’t deserve any more stage time, and definitely no more solos!



Despite his feelings for banjos…Matthew does link his funniest stage memory with not only coming out in the wrong outfit for Devil Went Down to Georgia, but also forgetting the lyrics midway through the song. Making up a brand new 2nd verse to the old time classic mid song…Matthew didn’t miss a beat … but he sure gave his siblings a good laugh, and still can’t remember the words he made up!



The last few years have been a project in the making for Matthew, he just released a new album of original songs on YouTube with his most recent song, I Have Seen the Light, a duet with Shawn! Check out all his music and subscribe to his channel, or keep updated on his Facebook page for all the new music!