Shawn Haygood

Haygood Profile: Shawn Haygood

One of the biggest surprises for the 25th anniversary of the Haygoods …. getting to welcome our brother Shawn back on stage with us! After taking a few years’ break, Shawn is back singing and dancing without missing a beat and brings a whole new energy to the stage. And those powerful 7-fold family harmonies can’t be beat!



Shawn is the 4th oldest brother of the group and the musically artistic minded one. This guy has dance moves that will knock your socks off and harmonies that blend like butter with Cat and the rest of the boys. He loves the big dance numbers and is a ton of fun to watch performing on stage with never-ending energy.




The music doesn’t stop off-stage for Shawn! He writes and produces his own original music, he taught himself to play piano and is working on multiple new music projects. This guy has more talent than you can imagine.



When he does take a break from the music, Shawn is the king of the kitchen and the master of the grill. He loves spending time whipping up new edible creations, spending time at the grill, and cooking over an open fire. You can find Shawn always looking for his next adventure and spending time with the people he loves.