Haygood Profile: Patrick Haygood

The strong, observant, silent type … Patrick is the 2nd oldest Haygood brother and the man behind the rockin’ keyboard that holds the show together.



He’s the 1 sibling who chose the marimba and keys as his primary instrument over the violin growing up, although he can saw away on the strings with the rest of his siblings for a full 8-piece string octet. His favorite part of showtime is anytime he gets to play the harmonica, get a mini-workout in during the tap number, and the big a cappella numbers.



Patrick is married to his forever sweetheart Stephani and has a great time playing hot wheels and having sword fights with his not-so-little man and soon-to-be big brother, Keagan. Pat and Steph have been married for 11 years (and have been dating for 20!) and are super excited about their baby girl arriving this summer!



When Patrick’s not tickling the ivorys, playing a tune on the harmonica, dueling Dino in a drum battle or working on the next big tap number, he’s working in the Haygood office keeping the finance books in line and making sure everyone gets paid on time! Sometimes he gets the chance to sneak away for some time in the sky flying or skydiving.



If you really want to impress Patrick, have a conversation with him about history, bring him a first hand biographical history book, or make him a new Gregorian Chant mix tape. You won’t see much of him on Facebook or social media, but you have a good chance of catching him at the gym or on the backyard trampoline with Keagan!