The Haygoods 25th Anniversary

Haygoods 25th Anniversary Show – Most Exciting One Yet!

25 years of practice puts together only the highest energy, full of surprises show the Haygoods have ever had! The Boys and Cat are going all out for fun, excitement and surprises this year. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind season!



One of the biggest surprises we have in store to kick off the year is our brother Shawn back on stage again! We’re so glad to have Shawn back and adding his harmony, dance moves and talent to the group. He’s adding a whole new element this year, and it’s going to be great!



Michael is crazy hard at work adding new lighting effects, new smoke rings around Dino’s new drum set and you never know what’s happening next with LED-Man … we’ve heard there are going to be new surprises throughout the year from the workshop!



Looking back on 25 years of shows, we took the chance to pull some of our favorites from the archive, plus add new songs into this years show for the best set ever. There’s a new tap number in the works, new solos for everyone, new costumes (check out the new light-up shoes Michael made!) and so many more surprises! Rumor has it that even Banjo Boy is getting a new ride … watch-out!



Seats are going fast, everyone wants to be a part of the fun this year; and we want YOU to be a part of our 25th anniversary! Call us today for your tickets! It’s been a wild and crazy ride … and it’s not over yet! Yeeehaww!!