Veterans Week in Branson

Honoring Vets During Branson’s Veterans Week

Fall is such an amazing time of year, beautiful weather, so many adventures to go on, the beginning of the holiday season…and one of the times of the year we take an extra moment to honor some of the most important people in our lives: our Veterans. Veterans Day is extra special to us, because some those extra special people in our lives gave so much of their life honoring our country and serving to keep us free.

Veterans Day Parade in Branson

Somethings in life are hard to talk about, and his time serving in Vietnam was one of those times for our Grandfather. When we were little we loved spending time with our grandfather, hearing stories, telling jokes, playing our fiddles for him (and they were squeaky fiddles!). But it wasn’t until after he passed away that we heard stories that he never told us…about serving his country, serving over-seas, and devoting years of his life to serve to keep our country free. Some of the greatest heroes are the silent ones….we love you!


Today we live with heroes in our own homes. Catherine’s husband Jason has devoted 6 years of his life, including the first years of their marriage serving in the Air Force. Months away from his wife and family, overseas stationed in places he couldn’t talk about, putting himself on the line to keep us here at home safe. The holidays will be extra sweet this year with him home in Branson again!


The Haygoods are honored to get to celebrate veterans, not just during Veterans Week at the beginning of November, but every day, at every show. Active service men and women receive free admission to any of our shows, and veterans and spouses receive a discount as well. Honoring our veterans is something so important to us, and we hope it is for you as well!


Watch the Branson calendar and plan to be a part of our special Veterans week activities, parades and celebrations. If you or your family dedicated your life to keep us free, we salute you and say THANK YOU!