Top of the Rock at Big Cedar Lodge

Fall Foliage and Fun in the Branson Ozarks

We are experiencing a record breaking fall in Branson this year! Not just with sell-out crowds at The ‘Goods, but with unseasonably warm temperatures and sunshine, making it all that much easier to hold onto summer a little longer and enjoy the amazing colors and fun the Ozarks have to offer in the autumn!


If you’re looking for fall colors, look no farther than driving through town! The beautiful colors are everywhere, but we have some favorite places to get up close and personal with them! The walking trails at the Branson Landing put your next to the lake and the great colors of North Beach park. The hiking trails at the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area are for both the adventure seekers and the families looking for a fun climb up the observation tower. One of our favorite trails is out at the State Park with a paved trail that winds from Table Rock Dam past the Branson Belle out to the marina, perfect for running, walking or biking!


The water is still on the warm side at Table Rock Lake, and it’s not too late to rent a canoe, kayak or boat and enjoy the sun on the warm afternoons and catch the picture perfect sunsets on the lake…and STILL have time to catch the ‘Goods on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays! The lakes are quieter this time of year, which makes for perfect fishing and relaxation.


The Christmas season may start in a few days…but that doesn’t mean we completely forget about the rest of the fall season! Come visit Branson and take advantage of the weather, the colors and the fun!