Awesome Eats Right Down The Street!

Since you got to the Haygood Show early to claim the coveted parking spots, you have time for dinner! But where to go … without losing that premium parking?! We’ve got you covered, no matter what you’re hungry for! There are so many options to eat so close to Clay Cooper Theater all you have to do is pick which sounds the best!

Montana Mike's Steakhouse

Direct opposite the theater is Montana Mike’s, a restaurant that will cover your steak cravings, and give you a traditional Ozark welcome with it’s down home hospitality! Lots of great steak, chicken and seafood options, as well as refreshing beverages, Montana Mike’s is a great place to start your evening before a show!

If you’re looking for the newest atmosphere in town, look no further than Pasghettis…the one with the giant meatball out front! Pasghetti’s not only has great Italian food, the atmosphere and decor inside the restaurant are a fun evening on their own! Pasghetti’s has something for the whole family, and you’ll be impressed with how many Branson landmarks you’ll find…just in the lobby!

Jackie B. Goode's Uptown Cafe

The place to enjoy a little pre-show entertainment is Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Cafe cafe, right around the corner from The Haygoods. A classic ’50-style diner, you’ll find the best burgers, fries, shakes and onion rings in town! And while you eat, you never know what entertainers will be performing on stage. And Uptown Cafe isn’t just open for lunch and dinner, they also serve breakfast AND are open late after the show. The’ll keep you fed and entertained all day long!

So keep your front-row parking spot, stretch your legs and enjoy the great food located in the heart of the Hwy 76 strip and next to your favorite show in town!!