The Haygoods Are:

Timothy -- Age 36, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Vocals

Patrick -- Age 33, Piano, Drums, Vocals
Dominic -- Age 31, Sax, Violin, Vocals
Michael -- Age 28, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Matthew - Age 26, Bass, Vocals
Catherine -- Age 22, Harp, Violin, Sax, Piano, Vocals

Quick Facts: 
5 brothers 1 sister.
21 plus years playing music together.
10,000 concerts for over 5,000,000 people.
Longest running, most successful first generation show in Branson, Missouri.

The music of The Haygoods is heavily influenced by their backwoods Americana country rock music roots that honors that tradition, but most definitely doesn’t stop there. The group embraces elements of Rock and Pop with clean harmonies that have been honed tight over the years. The history of the group has a lot to do with the themes of struggle, hope, love, unstoppable enthusiasm for life and the yearning for simplicity their music and lyrics talk about.

The Haygoods grew up in humble beginnings in the backwoods of Boerne, Texas. As children, they played music and sang at festivals and fairs across the United States. As Dominic Haygood put it, "We always knew we would be musicians and play together, even at a young age. It was in our blood and was our destiny. We didn't know anything else." The desire to build a better life for themselves and their younger siblings drove them to completely ignore traditional schooling and focus exclusively on their music. "I had kids who refused to even open a school book," says Mom Haygood, "but who would sit and practice for hours at a time without being asked."

In 1993, the family moved to Branson, Missouri and began performing daily shows at Silver Dollar City. For eight years, the family grew up in the theme park, performing five shows a day five days a week while taking music and dance lessons as well as completing schoolwork. The drive and persistence of oldest brother Timothy resulted in the family show become the most successful, highest rated show in the history of Silver Dollar City. Youngest brother Aaron Haygood summed up the experience. "I started on stage when I was two years old so my earliest memories are of applause and hard work. Oh, and getting to ride the roller coasters every day!" The Haygoods completed over 10,000 shows during their time at Silver Dollar City.

With a generous loan from their grandmother, the Haygoods took a giant risk and opened their own show on the Branson strip in 2001. The move from a theme park to town was more than a location change. The three oldest Haygoods also took creative and financial control of the show and began to make their mark on the show and music scene. The Haygoods became the youngest performing family to ever open their own show on the Branson strip.

At the end of their first full season, the Haygoods had to make a decision to push ahead despite financial hardships or to give up the music business and lead "normal" lives. The choice was clear and they set about making their show the most exciting on the Branson strip. With Dominic as music director, they began to take classic songs like "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" and "Eleanor Rigby" and put their own musical twist on them. Familiar songs from Motown were updated with modern dance moves and unique harmonies. At the same time, the always energetic Haygoods began reclaiming their childhood by filming their wild BMX and paraplane stunts which made them a You Tube sensation. "We finally started to realize everything was going to be OK, we were loving playing our music together and we felt like we had achieved a measure of success," said Shawn Haygood.

In 2009, The Haygoods set about creating their own original music with the hope of reaching a national audience. Daily jam sessions and boxing matches led to recording studios and bringing in producers to help refine their music. Their first album "Leaving It All Behind" was released in 2010. Without any radio support, record label support or even digital downloads, the album sold over 10,000 physical copies in its first two months of release. It went on to sell over 100,000 physical copies without any radio support at all.

In the fall of 2011, The Haygoods took two very big steps in their careers. They teamed up with the RFDTV network, a cable channel distributed in over 50 million homes in the USA and many more worldwide, to create a reality/music television show. In addition The Haygoods also agreed to move the live show to the RFDTV theatre, also in Branson, on the famous HWY 76 strip.

The television show called “Adventures of The Haygoods” did extremely well on the RFDTV network and garnered very good Nielson ratings, especially for a completely unknown show. The Haygoods elected to not explore a second season on RFD as they were approached for a national TV reality show on a large cable channel. This show is in development and being filmed now. 

In 2012 and 2013 the Haygoods became the longest running most succesful first generation show in Branson Missouri and celebrated with a SOLD OUT 20th anniversary show with over 2,200 in attendance. 

In 2014 The Haygoods moved their show and partnered with the Clay Cooper Theatre to build a brand new show experience, unlike anything ever seen in Branson. The Haygoods also began performing on the road at the same time and are currently experimenting with new music and entertainment concepts. The Haygoods will perform their all new show at the Clay Cooper Theatre in 2014 and 1015. Many dates are already completely sold out as the Haygoods continue their phenomenal run in Branson.